Z Treatments aren’t like your standard massage. Whether from a lifetime of use, athletics, and weight lifting, or in response to a specific incident like a traumatic accident, our muscles have been trained to respond, react, and even rest a certain way. For many of us, this unintentional muscle training has caused our bodies and our muscles to function at subpar levels. This is often due to poor posture, stress, trauma, heavy use, or simply sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. When these types of issues creep into our daily lives, our muscles respond in an effort to protect our bodies. Unfortunately, these muscles can stay in a flexed, tense, or stressed state for significant periods of time. Over time, these muscles train themselves to remain in that state preventing complete relaxation or proper rest.

The long-term effects of poor maintenance and improper muscle behavior can lead to many adverse outcomes. This can include pain, weakness, and immobility but can often require significantly more
intense attention, such as time-consuming physical therapy or expensive surgery. However, with proper treatment, in as little time as a few months, a retraining of the muscles is possible. This retraining treatment can open up a lifetime of improved activity levels, deeper relaxation, and overall health often preventing the need for medical attention.

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